We, at SMA, are a community of Catholic missionaries who come from around the world with a commitment to serve the people of Africa.
For more than 155 years, SMA missionaries have been present in Africa. We strive to be a living witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ among our brothers and sisters in that continent and among people of African heritage wherever they live.
In keeping with our founder’s goal of preserving the culture of African peoples, the US Province of SMA maintains the African Art Museum in Tenafly, NJ – one of five maintained by the society.

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Bishop Daleh

Announcement of the death of Bishop Boniface N. Dalieh

BISHOP BONIFACE NYEMA DALIEH EMERITUS BISHOP OF CAPE PALMAS, LIBERIA Boniface Nyema Dalieh, a member of the Grebo tribe, was born to non-Christian parents in the village of Yederobo on 9th December 1933 in Maryland County, Liberia. He became acquainted with the Catholic Church through the SMA Fathers working in Liberia who helped him go …

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Venant helps set up for the Mass

My Neighbours

I’d like to introduce my neighbors, Venant and Ravina, and their children Ana and Klementi. I met Venant when I first arrived in Mwanza. He is the catechist for one of the SMA parish outstations, which is across the street from the SMA compound where I live. Right now masses at this outstation are being …

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STATEMENT BY BISHOP DENNIS AGBENYADZI, SMA Bishop of Diocese of Berberati, Central African Republic (CAR) Bishop Dennis gave the following statement to CAR Muslims in the Mosque after the Friday midday prayers in the town of Berberati. It was part of a joint Christian-Muslim meeting organized by religious leaders in the township as a platform …

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After the Storm

Report from the Phillipines

After the Storm Usually, Christmas comes early in the Philippines. Already in the month of September, we begin to see the decorated Christmas trees with their lights and other Christmas decorations for sale by the side of the road. It is in this mood of light, joy and expectations that darkness, sadness and despair visited …

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