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SMA Formation House, Bodija-Ibadan, Nigeria

Fr Paul-Marie Amegashie SMA (from Togo) is the Superior of the SMA Formation House in Bodija-Ibadan, Nigeria. He gives us the following up-date:

“For the academic year 2010-2011, we have 47 students and 4 staff members. There are 24 students in Philosophy and 23 in Theology. All our philosophy students are Nigerians. In our VI year Theology group we also have a Cistercian monk, Dom Robert, who has been made the Prior of his community in the Archdiocese of Onitsha. Among the other theology students there are 3 from Nigeria, 2 from Benin Republic, 1 from RD Congo, 5 from Cote d’Ivoire, 1 from Zambia and 10 from Togo.

Bodija, Nigeria

On May 21st 2011, six candidates were ordained deacon: Gerard Pagnan, Jean-Paul Kpatcha and Jerome Anoumou-Sassou from Togo, Joseph Ogungbe from Nigeria, Hippolyte Buhika from RD Congo and Dom Robert Ezika (the Cistercian monk). Bishop Kieran O’Reilly SMA (former SMA Superior General and presently Bishop of Killaloe in Ireland) was the ordaining prelate.”

Chapel Renovation, Bodija, Nigeria

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